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A brief overview of the Persian Tableau Taban

Persian Tableau Taban Co. was established in 2005 with the aim of positively influencing the country's electricity supply chain through the design, analysis and production of strategic products, such as various types of electrical posts and industrial electrical panels, and in the form of a The young team, educated and motivated, started working. Since "Research and Development" has been and is the beating heart of this collection, the most remarkable and brilliant honors and achievements of Persian Tableau Taban Company took place in the days of oppressive sanctions against our country, and the slogan "We can". In this purposeful and diligent collection, an objective manifestation was found.

Quality, in the Persian Tableau Taban collection, is not a "slogan", but in line with the organized organizational vision, has become an "organizational culture" and has always been evaluated, revised and modified to the basic processes to the "employer", as the leader. Relying on this valuable "competitive advantage", the market, while relieving quality, understands quality assurance in the project.

Thanks to God Almighty and in the shadow of the honor of being close to Imam Reza, the valuable experiences of these years, caused Persian Tableau Taban Company to have the power to analyze, correct and design a breaker in Iran today. Persian Tableau Taban support specialist was who gathered in a matrix structure from various specialties to perform the most complex corrective operations, correcting defects, correcting planning, improving performance, etc., in the shortest possible time, to our esteemed compatriots. Provide.

We are proud that today, the name of Persian Tableau Taban shines in the great projects of the country and the golden plaque of honor of serving the honorable nation of Iran shines on this young and diligent company through quality influence in infrastructure projects.

We are very happy that now, after fifteen years of brilliant experience in a specialized profession, we have been able to rely on intra-organizational knowledge, define macro-standards and management guidelines, and thus, by establishing a unit to "evaluate and improve performance", the main focus. To set up precise and perfect processes to break the cycle of production and service, from the bottom up, to the management, to the control, to the leadership and to the reform. Undoubtedly, this unparalleled action in the industry of the east of the country can be a local model for other small and medium businesses, and in this way, Persian Tableau Taban Company is sincerely ready to cooperate, with the aim of "production leap" through reforms. It is a structure in the applicant's collections; therefore, with open arms, we welcome and honor esteemed visitors, academic and organizational research projects, because we believe: "The hardships of life will never be easy for us, the common warless "The only pain is that the joint pain coin is never treated separately."


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